Green by Design: Exploring the Potential of Digital Design for a Sustainable World

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11. April 2023 / 5 pm - 6 pm


To fully exploit the potential of innovative digital solutions, we need professionals who are able to take a holistic view: They think business, people and technology together and understand the digital as designable material.

Digital Design is a profession that pursues this goal - but not only that! 

Today, one of the most important tasks of us humans is to create sustainable solutions to secure the future of our planet: Digital Design must consider how a digital solution must be designed to achieve social, economic and environmental sustainability.

In our session, we will explore how Digital Design can help create sustainable digital solutions. 

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Webinar Sustainable Digital Design with Stan Bühne and Norbert Seyff


Take a deep dive into how you can design digital sustainability

In this webinar we will talk about the most important questions of Digital Design in relation to sustainability.                                       

We will adress the following questions:

    • What does sustainability mean in a digital context?

    • How can Digital Design help bring sustainability to digital solutions?

    • How can data volumes be minimized, how can applications be designed for sustainability and longevity?

    • What does a good compromise between user-friendliness and sustainability look like?

    • What tools and methods are available to implement sustainable digital design?
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The Speakers

Stan Bühne: 

Stan Bühne is Managing Director of IREB GmbH

In 15 years of IT consulting, he has gained extensive experience in international digitalization and digital transformation projects in the telecommunications industry. Stan Bühne has been working in the fields of Business Analysis, Requirements Engineering and Project Management for more than 20 years and has already practiced the idea of digital design in his work before it was actually born.

Norbert Seyff: 

Norbert Seyff is Professor for Requirements Engineering RE at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland and Senior Assistant at the University of Zurich. His central concerns are the transfer of knowledge on RE to students, joint work with companies, and the transfer of knowledge into practice.

His research interests include software modeling and sustainability in addition to RE. Specifically, he is researching greater user involvement in system development.
He has been an active member of the international RE community and a regular member of the program committee for conferences such as RE and REFSQ.

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