TMAP® Quality for cross-functional teams

In today’s IT world, cross-functional teams are expected to deliver business value with the right quality at speed. TMAP® supports this new way of working towards built-in quality, which goes beyond just testing.

The internationally recognized TMAP® Quality for cross-functional teams certification attests all people in a high-performance IT delivery team, such as in DevOps or Scrum, the required knowledge and skills that are important for building quality in their IT system and gaining confidence that the pursued business value can be achieved.

TMAP® Quality for cross-functional teams syllabus to download

TMAP® Quality for cross-functional teams mock questions answers to download 

Information about the Online Mock Exam:

    • Online Mock Exam language: English
    • Number of Questions: 30
    • Question types: Multiple-choice questions
    • Passing marks: 66% must be achieved 
    • Online Mock Exam time: 60 minutes
    • Negative Marking: No negative marking.  Choosing the wrong answer results in 0 points being awarded.


The online exam provides an excellent reflection of FLEX

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