Practical Exercises

The A4Q Certified Selenium 4 Tester Foundation certification connects relevant test automation theory with practical application for the effective use of Selenium in creating automated tests for web applications. It is aimed at test professionals, test automation engineers, and developers who desire an understanding of how to design, implement, and maintain automated solutions using Selenium.

Candidates preparing for the A4Q Certified Selenium 4 Tester Foundation certification can either:

  • attend accredited training which will include practical exercises
  • self-study using the syllabus and the Java and/or Python exercises available for download from this page!

Enhance your skills by practicing using the exercises!

Simply register and get immediate access to the exercises! It's free!

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You will receive:

  • Latest and updated exercises
  • Exercises available in Java and Python to be used in conjunction with the syllabus
    (Note: The exam will be independent of language)

Need help with exam practice too? Don't forget to try out the online mock exam available here