A4Q Foundation Level Tester for Appium®

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The era of mobile applications

In this digital age, mobile applications have become one of the most significant channels for service providers and businesses to interact with their clients and end users.

Industries across all sectors are using mobile apps to leverage business value, accelerate innovation, and give a competitive advantage.

Consumer expectations for mobile apps are more demanding than ever – they must offer a seamless customer experience, excellent performance, and be compatible across multiple devices and mobile platforms.

Testing processes for mobile applications must be quick, as often time to market for mobile apps is short, and give comprehensive coverage. 

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What is Appium®?

Appium® is a widely utilized comprehensive Open-Source tool for automating mobile app testing.

It was developed with the main goal of running scripts automatically to test native and hybrid mobile applications on IOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

Anyone involved in mobile QA is recommended to have an understanding of Appium® and how it can support efficient, flexible, and scalable testing.

*Appium® is a trademark of the OpenJS Foundation


How does the A4Q Foundation Level Tester for Appium certification benefit me?

The A4Q Foundation Level Tester for Appium will help you to both develop and attest to your skills in test automation of mobile apps using Appium® .

Holders of the A4Q Foundation Level Tester for Appium should be able to:

  • Understand the importance of test automation in mobile devices
  • Create and run Appium® tests
  • Correctly apply test automation principles to build a maintainable test automation solution
  • Implement Appium® scripts that execute functional native, hybrid and mobile web application tests and implement maintainable scripts

The A4Q Foundation Level Tester for Appium certification uses Java as the programming language.


A4Q Foundation Level Tester for Appium


What is covered in the syllabus?

  • An Introduction to Mobile Application Testing including advantages of automated testing,
    creating good automated test cases, manual versus automated tests, success
    factors of automated test cases, types of automated test cases
  • An Introduction to Appium®: what is Appium®, why Appium® is a good choice, Appium®
    architecture, emulator vs. simulator vs. real devices, Appium® standard repository
  • Appium® Installation and Set-Up: Windows and iOS
  • Using Appium®: writing a test procedure on Appium®, writing a test procedure for
    Android, writing a test procedure for Android iOS, creating a test script, executing a
    procedure on a real device, Sync [wait mechanisms], Logging Mechanism,
    Maintainability of test scripts)
  • System Capabilities: server, common capabilities to all operating systems.
    Android/iOS specific capabilities

    This syllabus includes ready-to-use examples with Java as the programming language.
    Accredited training is highly recommended!

    Download the Syllabus here





What prerequisites do I need for this certification?

Candidates for the A4Q Foundation Level Tester for Appium certification should have at least:  

  • Testing approach knowledge (especially test automation)
  • Programming knowledge (this syllabus uses Java for the examples and therefore Java knowledge is recommended)
  • Admin knowledge for either Windows or iOS based computers, necessary to install tools and possibly trouble shooting
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Information for Training Providers

Training Providers interested in adding  the A4Q Foundation Level Tester for Appium to their portfolio will have access to full materials including exercises for students (using Java). For more information please contact exam@isqi.org


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